Legend says, no-one would have survived the Ruin. The great god Rao reached down from the heavens, and gathered up the doomed: dwarves, dragonborn, humans, elves, tieflings, gnomes, orcs, and the dodona. He set up magical barriers to keep the Ruin at bay, creating the city of Rao’s Sanctuary – where those He chose were saved.

He left us everything we needed to survive and thrive. A portion of a forest, for wood. A great quarry, for ore. Lore and magic, to maintain these resources and make them renewable. Space for farms, and wells leading to underground reservoirs of clean water. He even understood the importance of books, creating a magnificent library.

Thousands of years later, the world beyond the Sanctuary has faded to myth. The Dodona have disappeared, and left their technology behind. Royalty and nobility are outlawed; seats of power are elected positions, and the worship of evil gods is forbidden. We live comfortably and in relative peace, safe within our walls.

Rao's Sanctuary

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