Elf, 27


Items: Old Dodonan crystals, Old key


Name: Ash
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6 2"
Hair colour: Light brown
Skin colour: Noticeably fairer than typical Elves
Gods: Beory, Goddess of Nature, Obad-Hai, God of Nature, Uula, The Goddess of Hills and Mountain, Ehlonna Goddess of Woodlands.

Family Members:
Mother – Willow: fairer skin than Ash
Height: 6 5"
Hair colour: Silvering blonde
Father – Firmir: darker skin that Ash
Height: 6 2"
Hair colour: Dark brown
Sister, younger – Amber: similar skin tone to Ash
Height: 5 2"
Hair colour: Strawberry blonde
Family own farm on the edge of forest. Grow herbs and plants to sell to apothecaries in the city. Animals and vegetables on farm mainly for self sustenance and not sale. Ash only ventures into the city [on average] once per year for the Spring festival. Important festival for the family [Mother mainly] and, as such, Ash is somewhat naive to the customs and interactions, especially social, between the peoples of the city.

Animal friend: Trinket
Trinket is a colourful magpie sized bird with long tail feathers. Though a wild creature, a symbiotic relationship was formed some years earlier after Willow discovered the bird injured and helped nurse it back to health. intelligent creature that loves to seek out small shiny treasures and often accompanies Ash during his outings into the forest searching the Dodonan ruins. Nest [see Baya weaver for example] in nearby tree is adorned with shiny, small objects.


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