Mayra Forgebrand

Half-dwarf, 37. conspiracy theorist


Daughter of Merle Fripp (missing) and Gretyl Forgebrand; granddaughter of Harald (missing) and Ariadne Fripp. Sister of Ambyr and Jadyn.

Mayra is a miner by trade, who follows her father’s beliefs that not all is as it seems in Rao’s Sanctuary. She is suspicious and coy, a very “means to an end” sort of person. She will do whatever she must to get what she wants, regardless of how she is perceived by other people or the law. She spends her free time researching conspiracy theories or tunnelling underground, looking for Dodonan ruins or a way out of the city. More than once, when exploring the sewers, she has been forcibly escorted home to her grandmother by Tarlun, Warden of the Underwatch.

Mayra lost her left arm in a mining accident, several years ago. She was fitted with a prosthetic, based on Dodonan technology. She carries her father’s battered pickaxe as a memento from before his disappearance.

She follows Saint Cuthbert, God of Common Sense and Zeal, and wears an eye symbol in honour of Boccob, the Goddess of Magic.

Mayra Forgebrand

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