Gnome that sits on at the seat of the Arcane. Famous Inventor.


Age: 87
Species: Gnome
Race: Deep
Gender: Woman

Nimoa is an inventor, a scholar and a genius. She is one of the few non-dwarven people to take to the study of the dodonan technology. She runs a company that produces high end tech such as cars, which she invented a decade ago leading to the rise of the current Domestic, Chancellor Yao Ming. Unlike most gnomes Nimoa takes herself very seriously and is very stern and to the point. She is known for levitating to whoever she is talking to’s eye level.

She took the position of the Arcane 6 years ago and is not well liked but does her job very well so has ran uncontested every year.Of the other council members it is reported Nimoa gets along best with Drella. Nimoa and Cleo, Sister of the Order of the Eternal, Whisperer of the Dawn, Exhalted of the First Chain butt heads constantly and publicly.


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