Yao Ming

Human ex transport official, rose to power as the Domestic due to no talent of his own.


Age: 43
Species: Human
Race: Asian
Gender: Man

Chancellor Yao Ming has lived the life of a pencil pusher. For his entire adult career he worked in City Hall steadily working his way up the ranks. fifteen years he served as the Transport Official, and in a city that moved via horse power this mainly involved organising the maintenance of roads and the cleanup of horse droppings. However five years into his tenure as Transport Official Nimoa invented the engine, which lead to the first cars and buses. Suddenly Yao had more power and he laid down the groundwork for how these things would function in the city.

He first took the position of the Domestic 6 years ago, and he has performed his role satisfactorily but not outstandingly. Each year since he has had to contest his position.

People do not generally like him, including on the council, which is strange as the Domestic usually has a good relationship with all the people on the council due to having to work more closely with all the other council members than they do with each other. The only member of the council who appears publicly to get along with him is Cleo, Sister of the Order of the Eternal, Whisperer of the Dawn, Exhalted of the First Chain.

Yao Ming

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