The Anarchic Tripartitum

(4322PS – 4318PS)

The Anarchic Tripartitum was a conflict in the largest human-majority city-state at the time, Corell. The then-King Jickert ran a highly lassie-faire autocracy, and frequently neglected his duties of state to live a life of lavish luxury, with his advisors quietly working in the background to prevent Corell from plunging into its mounting debt. As a result of this, external borrowing became a necessity, frequently from city-states dominated by non-humans. Commerce soon flooded into Corell, bringing with it an unprecedented amount of immigration. This, combined with (and at the time often accused of being the cause of) the declining economy set racial tensions at an all-time high.

In 4322PS, a series of violent lynchings of non-humans in Corell was linked to the re-emergence of the Hand of Man, a human-supremacist group. The Hand of Man had had various iterations throughout history beforehand in various locations, and the emergency of new branches are often spontaneously and then arbitrarily linked to its history heritage (indeed, branches are believed to exist to this day). The Corell branch of 4322PS was still the largest and most vociferous of its day, and the concerned non-human populace demanded something be done. King Jickert made repeated reassurances but ultimately made no effectual progress, leading to the suspicion that he was sympathetic or even in some way benefitting from the Hand of Man. In response, a group of extreme non-human activists formed the Siblings, who carried out vigilante justice on those suspected of being involved with the Hand of Man.

With both the Hand of Man and the Siblings increasing their violent activities against one another (one often under the moniker of revenge for previous atrocities committed by the other), the groups increased in both size and support. However, frequently it would be the citizens who suffered due to the infighting, either because of turf wars making certain areas of the city nigh-inhospitable at certain points in the conflict, or because civilians with no alignment to either group would be killed in the crossfire or by the groups or city guard themselves if they were suspected of having taken a side. Indeed, it should be noted that the Siblings, being the side which did not have centuries’ worth of clandestine history to aid them, assassinated far more humans not connected to the Hand of Man than vice-versa (though of course, the both sides killed civilians deliberately in line with their goals).

By the end of 4320SP, minor skirmishes had broken out into civil war. An embarrassed King Jickert was forced to call for aid from Palaste, another large human-dominant city-state with whom he shared family connections. The armies of Palaste swept in to Corell’s aid, and both the Hand of Man and the Siblings were crushed. Official records show that a proportionately higher number of Siblings were arrested and executed compared to Hands of Man. Speculation continues to this day as to why this was, but the official explanation given by the Corell royal authority was that given the Siblings could only be non-human and Corell’s non-humans were a small minority, their operatives were easier to identify among the populace.

The Anarchic Tripartitum

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