Council of Five

The Council of Five is democratically elected in a first past the post system. There is no limit on how long a person can hold a seat, however every year every citizen must vote on whether they are happy with the current seat, if more than 50% of the citizens say they are not happy an election is held that year. The Five Seats are:

The Academic
Seat of Power: The School
Incumbent: Headmistress Drella

The Arcane
Seat of Power: The Nexus
Incumbent: Nimoa

The Divine
Seat of Power: The Temple
Incumbent: John Smith

The Domestic
Seat of Power: City Hall
Incumbent: Yao Ming

The Treasurer
Seat of Power: The Bank
Incumbent: Cleo, Sister of the Order of the Eternal, Whisperer of the Dawn, Exhalted of the First Chain

Council of Five

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