List of Gods

Unlike in the real world the gods of this world are very much real, alive and in their own way people with wills and goals of their own. The Pantheon of gods is as follows:

Good Gods:

Clorthur, God of the Lost and Afflicted
Ehlonna, Goddess of Woodlands
Fharlanghn, Goddess of Horizons and Travel
Heironeos, God of Chivalry and Valour
Kord, God of Athletics and Sport
Onatar, Goddess of Arts and Craftsmenship
Pelor, God of the Sun and Healing
Pholtus, Goddess of Light and Law
Rao, God of Peace and Reason
Trithereon, God of Liberty and Retribution
Uula, The Goddess of Hills and Mountain

Neutral Gods:

Beory, Goddess of Nature
Boccob, Goddess of Magic
Celestan, God of Stars and Wanderers
Istus, Goddess of Fate and Destiny
Obad-Hai, God of Nature
Olidammara, God of Revelry
The Raven Queen, Goddess of Death and Winter
Relishaz, Goddess of Ill Luck and Insanity
Saint Cuthbert, God of Common Sense and Zeal

Evil Gods:

Erythnul, God of Envy and Slaughter
Hextor, Goddess of War and Discord
Incabulos, Goddess of Plauge and Famine
Iuz, God of Pain and Opression
Nerull, God of Undead
Tharizdun, Goddess of Eternal Darkness
Vecna, God of Evil Secrets

List of Gods

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